Indvandringskritik er nu kriminelt i Nordirland

Britain First Party leader Paul Golding has been found guilty by the judge at Ballymena Court, along with another Britain First activist.

Paul and activist Lee Brown distributed anti-immigration leaflets, but it seems that opposition to mass immigration is now illegal in Northern Ireland. 

This entire prosecution was intended to derail a popular grassroots Britain First campaign in Ballymena, a town beset by immigration problems.

Britain First held a rally attended by around 250 local residents and three days before our second rally, the police ambushed and arrested both Paul and Lee.

The bail conditions applied to both of them stopped them doing anything political in nature in the whole of Northern Ireland.

The campaign was naturally scuppered.

Today, the judge convicted both Paul and Lee and sentenced Paul to a three month prison sentence suspended for two years, a very harsh punishment for a leaflet!

Lee will be sentenced later this month.

The idea is to deter Paul from political activities in Northern Ireland, but this is only making Paul more determined.

Now he is free from bail restrictions, Paul is going to unleash a wave of activities across Ulster.

Paul will not be deterred or intimidated by the police and the establishment.

Now is the time to join the biggest and most dynamic resistance movement in this country, Britain First.

If you are a patriot, then please don’t delay any longer, join Britain First today as a member and help build a future for our children.

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