Invasionen af Storbritannien foregår ufortrødent – den ‘konservative’ regering gør absolut INTET

Britain First

The invasion at Dover is reaching alarming proportions.

Despite the increased media coverage and political interest, the number of migrant crossings are proliferating rapidly. 

Despite her grandstanding and talking tough, our Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is doing nothing to stem the tide.

She is hoping the whole mess just quietens down again.

Then it can return to ‘business as usual’.

The Conservatives always talk tough on the issue of immigration, but their track record in government demonstrates that they are just pro-immigration liberals.

Tonight I had an interesting conversation with the captain of our Dover patrol vessel, ‘HMS Alfred the Great’.

John informed me that, to put our vessel back out to sea we need some urgent repairs, without delay.

For example, the alternator – a critical part of any engine – has quit working.

This actually happened while the vessel was patrolling the Dover Straights looking for migrant crossings, but John managed to get it back to port.

As well as a new alternator, our vessel needs a new stern gland, a new bilge pump, new ropes and mooring lines, and other bits like mast steps.

I have given John my word that we will get the funds raised for these repairs asap.

John said they can be fixed quickly.

The only thing holding us back is the funds to pay for these repairs.

The quicker we raise these funds, the quicker our ‘HMS Alfred the Great’ can be back in the Dover Straights patrolling for migrants!

Have no doubt, the appearance of a Britain First patrol boat hunting for illegal migrant crossings will have freaked the establishment out.

The sight of our vessel doing the job the border force is supposed to do will be putting massive pressure on the Home Secretary to do something.

Let’s increase the pressure on our gormless Home Secretary!

Can you spare just £5 to help get ‘HMS Alfred the Great’ back to sea where it belongs?

If you can spare a fiver, I would be enormously grateful!

When you contribute, the next time you see ‘HMS Alfred the Great’ patrolling the Dover Straights it will have been made possible by you!

Target: £3,500
Recommended: Chip in £5

I want to be able to ring John in a few days and tell him he’s good to go.

Next week, I hope to be patrolling the Dover Straights with John and the rest of our crew.

But this can only happen Jon if you jump onboard!

Help power this campaign, chip in below:

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