Islam – fredens og retfærdighedens religion

Og som Arla skriver “Annoncen fortæller, at Arla gennem sine 40 år i Mellemøsten har lært, at retfærdighed og tolerance er fundamentale værdier i islam.”

Her er eksempler på tolerance og retfærdighed fra Iran:

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The names listed below are those of individuals whose violent death is attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran, or to agents acting on its behalf. The list, drawn mainly from published sources, is not exhaustive. Executions are not always announced and the media has not been consistent in reporting those that were made public. The information regarding victims of bombings (carried out by or on behalf of the Islamic Republic outside Iran) is also incomplete. Further, the list does not include those killed in armed clashes with the Islamic Republic’s armed forces or the civilians killed by the Islamic Republic’s security forces or militias in such context.

Abfiran følger en liste over mere end 9.000 henrettede enkeltskæbner af det islamiske regime.

Fundet via Alexander und der Gordischen Knoten



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