Islamofascismen – et begreb der er skabt af vensrefløjen

Mange tror, det er højrefløjen, der har opfundet begrebet ‘islamofascisme’, men det er ikke rigtigt:

The term “Islamofascism” was introduced by the French writer Maxime Rodinson (1915-2004) to describe the Iranian Revolution of 1978. Rodinson was a Marxist, who described as “fascist” any movement of which he disapproved. But we should be grateful to him for coining a word that enables people on the left to denounce our common enemy. After all, other French leftists — Michel Foucault, for example — had welcomed the revolution as an amusing threat to Western interests. It is only now that people on the left can acknowledge that they are just as much a target as the rest of us, in a war that has global chaos as its goal.

Mere på DemocracyFrontline

Haha – ‘han beskrev alle, der var uenige med ham, som fascister’ – hvor typisk venstrefløjser 😀

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