Israelsk gestus over for Libanon mødt med fjendtlighed …

Business as usual …

Israel har tilbud Libanon læge hjælp, og rådhuset i Tel Aviv strålede det libanesiske flag …

Og reaktionen fra araberne?

“On social media in Lebanon, there were many expressions of ridicule for the Israeli move, which was portrayed as hypocritical in light of the relationship between the two countries in the past.

We do not want you to light the Lebanese flag,” wrote user Abbass ALI in Arabic, adding in Hebrew “We will light Tel Aviv with our missiles.”

“Illuminating buildings with the Lebanese flag? Are you offering to provide Lebanon with humanitarian aid?” another user wondered. “If already talking about humaneness, let’s not forget the Israeli aggression in ‘78, the invasion in ‘82, the Sabra and Shatilla massacre, the Kfar Kanna massacre and finally the July 2006 war, when the Zionists wrote on missiles ‘from the children of Israel to the children of Lebanon.’”

Another user also responded, “What? They killed a hundred times more Lebanese than those who died in this explosion.”

Spild af tid at prøve at hjælpe arabiske shithole stater …

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