Jayda Fransen fra Britain First løslades snart under totalitære betingelser fra det fascistiske britiske samfund.

Mayfair, London, November 28th 2014. A protest against Egypt's leader Al-Sisi descended into moinor scuffles as right wing "patriots" from anti-Islamic group Britain First arrived to protest against the presence of Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary, who was recently arrestred as part of an ant-terror operation. Playing patriotic British Music, Britain First accused Muslims of worshiping a "devil" and a "paedophile prophet". Police had to intervene before hotheads on both sides became violent. PICTURED: Jayda Fransen, Deputy Leader of Britain First is locked in a police van after being arrested as she breaks through a police line.

Jayda will be released from prison on Tuesday but will immediately be subjected to the following conditions:

– To reside in a probation hostel while being closely monitored
– To be in the hostel between 10am and 11am
– To be in the hostel between 4pm and 5pm
– To be in the hostel between 9pm and 6am
– Not to use the internet in any way
– Not to contact Paul Golding
– Not to engage in any political activities
– Not to contact or associate with anyone in Britain First
– To surrender her passport to the police
– To provide details of her phone and car to the police
– Not to speak to the media

Remember, Jayda’s terrible ‘crime’ was leafleting the English neighbours of an Afghan paedophile child rape gang who are now serving decades in prison.

Because she tried to confront this paedo gang and distributed some leaflets, she was thrown in prison for four and a half months, along with Paul Golding.

Now she faces four and a half months of horrific restrictions – if she breaches these conditions, she will be thrown back in prison.

The only option we have is to launch a legal appeal in the High Court to get these conditions overturned.

These kind of conditions are usually reserved for terrorists, murderers and rapists, not politicians who gave out leaflets – they are disproportionate and unnecessary.

Will you make an emergency donation to help Jayda win her freedom?

Can she depend on you Jon to have her back during these dark times?

For Jayda this is a serious situation, so please don’t delay – send your most generous contribution today.

Target: £35,000
Raised so far: £13,680

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  1. Hvis jeg havde fået disse betingelser:

    – At bo i et vandrerhjem, mens de overvåges nøje
    – At være i vandrerhjemmet mellem kl. 10 og 11
    – At være i vandrerhjemmet mellem kl. 16 og 17
    – At være i vandrerhjemmet mellem 9:00 og 6:00
    – Ikke at bruge internettet på nogen måde
    – Ikke at kontakte Paul Golding
    – Ikke at engagere sig i nogen politiske aktiviteter
    – Ikke at kontakte eller forbinde med nogen i Storbritannien Først
    – At overgive sit pas til politiet
    – At give detaljer om sin telefon og bil til politiet
    – Ikke at tale med medierne.

    Havde jeg valgt “FULD TID”

    Det kunne meget nemt ende med et Eks, Bankrøveri.
    Udgifterne skal jo betales. Det drejer sig om udgifter og frihedsberøvelse, som ShariaPolitiet og myndighederne har pålagt hende.

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