Jeg er trans-vaccineret – dvs jeg er ikke vaccineret men jeg identificerer mig som vaccineret!

My Jewish military veteran father was ready to die for this great country. What was he fighting for? Freedom. Now all these years later, the tyrant Washington mayor thinks she can ban law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who happen to have different political views from entering America’s capital.

But I’ll bet Bowser supports transgender rights. I’ll bet she thinks any man can identify as a woman and we have to accept that as fact. Then they can use women’s restrooms, and play sports with our daughters.

We can all learn from that lesson. From now on, please consider me “Trans-vaccinated.” I’m unvaccinated, but I identify as “vaccinated.” You’ll have to take my word for it. If I think I’m vaccinated, I am. And if you “misidentify me,” you’ll open up your business to million-dollar lawsuits.

I have a message for Bowser…


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