Jeremy Corbyn der er kendt skyldig i antisemitisme af en kommission er genoptaget i Labour

Labour er som bekendt det danske Socialdemokratis samarbejdspartner. Socialdemokraterne har aldrig taget afstand fra Labours antisemitisme.

Jeremy Corbyn MP has recently been found guilty of facilitating anti-Semitism by the ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’, but has now been re-admitted as a member of the Labour Party!

Jeremy Corbyn has a disgusting history over the past few decades, with his support for overtly anti-Semitic and terrorist sympathisers such as the Muslim Brotherhood, not to mention supporting the IRA in their vicious terrorist campaign against the British people which killed women and children.

HQ has launched a petition demanding that Kathryn Stone, as the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, in charge of regulating MP’s conduct, should thoroughly investigate Jeremy Corbyn and apply the most rigorous sanctions available.

The British people have had enough of Corbyn’s rancid anti-British views and demand that he be punished for facilitating Islamism, Irish Republicanism and extremism.

Please add your name to the petition below.

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ Please follow

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