Judge tells al-Qaeda Brits they could die in jail

THE five British al-Qaeda terrorists were branded “cruel and ruthless misfits” who had betrayed their country by the judge who jailed them yesterday.

Jailing them for life, he said: “You have betrayed the country that gave you every advantage in life. All of you may never be released. It is not a foregone conclusion.
“It may be that you consider yourselves heroes of the cause that you espouse.
“But you are considered by the vast majority of the population of whatever religious faith, as nothing but cruel and ruthless misfits. Now you must pay the price exacted by that society.”

Mere på Mirror

Udvisning efter afsoning vil, efter min mening, være helt iorden 😀

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  1. Ja, pardon my french, men efter at have læst Mirrors artikel vil jeg snarere mene at man skulle gøre med dem, som de kinesiske kommunister gør: Skyde dem i nakken, og sende regningen for patronen til deres familier.

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