Justin Trudeau vandt valget i Canada

He promised to raise taxes, raise spending and put our country back into debt.

He vowed to kill the Northern Gateway pipeline and to bring in new carbon taxes.

He said he’d abandon our military mission against ISIS terrorists, and take in 25,000 Syrian migrants by Christmas.

Do you doubt he’s going to do it?

His ideas will be a disaster. Government will grow. Personal freedom will shrink. Our national security will be weakened. And our foreign policy will tilt far left. Trudeau is the candidate who said he admires China for its “basic dictatorship”, and promises to normalize relations with Iran.

And who’s going to stop him?

The political left controls most provincial legislatures and the courts. Every university and NGO pushes to the left.

But the worst is the mainstream media. For nine years, they weren’t just watchdogs — they were mad dogs. I called it “Harper Derangement Syndrome”.

Well, after watching the media’s pro-Liberal bias in this campaign, do you doubt that they’re about to become Trudeau’s lapdogs?

So who will hold the Liberal government to account? Who will shine a light of public scrutiny on what Trudeau does — his fan club at the CBC?

The Sun News Network is gone. The National Post is in disarray. The Conservative Party itself will now be consumed with a divisive leadership race.

So who will be the people’s opposition?

I think a lot of that responsibility falls to us, here at The Rebel.

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  1. Jeg har lige sendt en mail til vore canadiske venner/familie, hvor jeg udtrykker, at det er den største ulykke i Canadas historie, der vil få katastrofal indflydelse på hele verden i lighed med Obamas US.
    Og lige nu kl. 12.15 hørte jeg på DR, at det er en fantastisk gevinst for Canada og verdens klima, at de valgte Trudeau.
    Venstrefløjen stormer frem, og i dagens avis læser man også, at Enhedslisten lever på muslimernes stemmer.
    Som aldrig før har vi behov for at bede: Gud bevare Danmark – og resten af verden.
    Godt, de derovre har fået The Rebel og Ezra!

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