Kamelens favoritavis The Guardian

har haft en artikel om kommunismens vensignelser.

Guardian Comment Editor: Communism Wasn't That Bad – Let's Learn From Its Successes

Guardian readers are the grateful recipients of a fine treat today – a piece by Comment Editor Seumas Milne himself. 

Der kom flere læserbreve bagefter. Et af dem fra en person, der desværre havde levet under et kommunistisk regime:

Yesterday saw the publication of seven such letters, four of which are supportive of Mr. Milne. I'd be very comfortable in wagering that only one of the letter writers, Krzysztof Mularczyk of Warsaw, has ever actually lived under a communist government – and, for some reason, he rather churlishly takes issue with Mr. Milne's assessment:

"The claim that communism 'encompassed genuine idealism and commitment' would raise some hollow laughs in the former Soviet bloc. I recall the lies, the insufferable propaganda, the corruption and lack of democracy – but I cannot recall any idealism. How could there be when the pro-Soviet regimes were imposed by Red Army dictat and never confirmed in free and fair elections?"

Mr. Mularczyk thus demonstrates his complete ignorance of the inarguable benefits that communism brought to Eastern Europe, and would be well advised to leave discussion of this important issue to British Guardian readers, who clearly have a far superior grasp of the realities of the communist system.

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