Kissing cartoon defended Jesus kysser Muhammed

TORONTO — A student newspaper at Canada’s largest university is not backing down after publishing a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus kissing.

Nick Ragaz, managing editor for the Strand, says the paper is not pulling the controversial issues off the University of Toronto campus and the cartoon will also remain on its website.

He said the cartoon was intended to provoke debate, dialogue, and thought, and should not be understood to promote violence or hate.

The cartoon was published Wednesday alongside an editorial addressing the debate on whether to publish the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.



The University of Toronto’s student newspaper, the Strand, has published a cartoon of a gay Jesus kissing Muhammed. The cartoon was published as part of a debate over whether to show images of Muhammed from Danish papers. The image shows the face of Jesus, but does not show the face of Muhammed. Jesus is also seen disrobing Muhammed.  

The same newspaper has refused to publish the Muhammed cartoons which have sparked worldwide riots, murders, and calls to impose the death penalty on all who blaspheme by misunderstanderers of the Religion of Peace.

Here is how they hypocritically defend not showing the Muhammed cartoons, but showing big gay Jesus:

But was it really freedom of the press, or a case of media martyrdom? Publishing these cartoons seems to do little more than fan the flames of already-existing controversy. Is it the press’s responsibility to decide what people should absorb, or is providing an option more important? Articles are somewhat different; you can decide whether or not to read something based on the headline – which, admittedly, is questionable on the subject of giving audiences agency. A graphic or photograph, however, is much more intense: you don’t really have the choice to view it or not.


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