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Små korte nyheder fra Holland

Municipalities: Right-Wing more Serious than Muslim Radicalism
THE HAGUE, 27/10/07 – “In their own perception, municipalities have to contend with more right-wing radicalism than Islamic radicalism”. …

THE HAGUE, 27/10/07 – The awarding of residence permits to thousands of illegal immigrants will cost at least 329 million euros through …

Police No Longer Reacting to Car Torching
THE HAGUE, 27/10/07 – Police in Amsterdam will no longer react in TV or radio programmes to the torching of cars. According to a police …


Wherever there is Islam, there will eventually be car-b-cues. 
(The Religion of Peace is now setting fire to Amsterdam because a policewoman elected
not to be stabbed to death by a Muslim attacker).


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