Kulturelt selvmord – muslimsk majoritet i Amsterdam og Rotterdam inden 10 år!

Dutch politicians, analysts and diplomats met at a luncheon last week at the Royal Netherlands Embassy with a warning for several hundred of their compatriots living here (USA).

They hoped to engage in an influential discussion about what happens when a prosperous but inattentive state gives in to the multicultural delusions of the left and lets large numbers of culturally hostile immigrants enter the land.

Today, we have 1 million Muslims out of 16 million Dutch,” Frits Bolkestein, an impressive center-right Dutch politician and former E.U. commissioner, began. “Within 10 years, they will have an absolute majority in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We are staring into the face of a shortly to be divided community. Muslims have the right to their own schools, so there is no teaching of evolution, gay teachers are not tolerated but anti-Semitism is, and the Holocaust is not a subject for teaching.

Unemployment of immigrants has gone from 9 percent in 2001 to 16 percent today. Immigrants tend to marry women from their home country, and they have little contact with Dutch society except for the Iranians. Eighteen percent of Moroccan men are suspected of crimes, compared to 4 percent of Dutch men. Half the Turkish and Moroccan population believe their cultures are incompatible with Dutch habits.”

“I was born in Amsterdam,” he then said sadly, “and I resent the idea that the whole culture is to be changed. But these people are there to stay, and we wanted to draw attention to the dark side and risks of these changes.”

Other immigrant-target Western countries are beginning to get the message that Islamic immigrants in particular have not come to the West to join it, but to overcome it. One participant at the meeting noted:

“In France, the majority of young Muslims believe that French society is dying, committing suicide. More like 10 percent to 20 percent of them believe that they are in the process of replacing European civilization with an Islamic one.”

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  1. The sickning self hating world view of “impressive” Mr. Bolkestein is best illustrated by his complaints about “antisemitism” and “the Holocaust” not being taught as the central part of his argument about islamists taking over the country. We face exactly the same thing in Denmark.

    The same sick focussing on antisemitism “the Holocaust” and related subjects (like homophobia) actually is the reason why non European immigration got as far out of hand as is the case today.

    The systematic installation of guilt in Europeans postulating the alledged complicity of all Europeans to the doings of Nazi Germany, and the combined efforts of “human rights organizations” and Jewish interest groups is what legitimized the whole mass immigration scenario in the first place.

    The none Jewish none homosexual, none minority interests are so much secondary in this evil plot, that these victims are hardly mentioned at all, and as a matter of fact played down at every opportunity.

    Muslim rape and murder of indeginenous white Europeans is not interesting or important. What is important is the antisemitism displayed by the muslim trash. The only argument which is likely to be judged to be of some importance, even by the most outspoken advocates of multiculturalism.

    The latest development in this outrage of hypocracy can be found in the newly founded combined organizations of “muslims and Jews against racism and antisemitism”.

    Examples: Jewish and Muslim organizations united had Christian Cross removed from WWII Resistance Memorial in Amsterdam

    Compare also the outcry after the murder of Jewish Ilan Halimi to the multicultural appeasement speeches by Belgian politicians after the murder of white European Joe van Holsbeeck!

  2. Swedish leading researcher: Sverige, Metro inrikes, September 29th 2005

    Year 2050 more than half of the Swedish population will be immigrants or second generation immigrants. According to Thomas Lindh, leading researcher at the Institute of Future Research in Stockholm: http://www.lilliput-information.com/lindh.html (in Danish)

    Information of Denmark:
    Between 2030 and 2040 the immigrants and their descendants take the majority in Denmark. http://www.lilliput-information.com/edu/index.html

    Danish professor at the University of Copenhagen, August 20th 2005 : http://www.berlingske.dk/grid/viden/artikel:aid=616170
    The Danes become a minority in Denmark:
    “… Danish citizens give birth to too few children and new immigrants much more that the Danes of foreign origin in less than 100 years will be a majority in the society….” (IoD: Please, add the foreign of foreign origin to this and get much closer)

    Information of Denmark April 28th 2005:
    No reaction from the politicians or from the population, caused by the lack of real possibility for protests anywhere in the so-called open society. They have given up years ago.

    Only a defensive role of collective guilt and lots of lies are presented by the media and by the professional politicians.
    Professional primery refering to their high wages, and their abilities to do what they are told to do between the selections.

    With the leading forces in the European Union strongly inspired by Jürgen Habermas to multiply the stream of immigrants with a factor gradually increasing from 8 to 14 from now until 2024, an European-Arabic Dialog from 1970s, now as a document of an agreement making new axis (new alliances), and clearly emerging and developing across the Mediterranean with 85,000 km of coast line, and no real recognition of what the future after their own deaths might bring, the line has been drawn. In addition an European monetary unit depending on Arabic Oil. It should not be difficult to take a fateful decision…and they did…. Peace in Our Time, as the one made by Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler in Munich 29-30 September 1938.

    But can they be sure??
    I hope not!

    http://www.lilliput-information.com by Joern E. Vig

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    Ved ikke hvad det bruger som spamgenkendelse – måske antallet af links?
    Har lidt travlt for tiden – skal ellers være over filteret mhp godkendelse 🙂

  4. Ja det er nok sådan noget med mere end to links. Men da det var flere dage siden jeg havde posted første gang, (eller sådan føltes det) blev jeg lidt forvirret, især da det hele ligepludseligt dukkede op da jeg så spurgte om der var noget galt.. Alt i orden!

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