Le Livre Noir de Saddam Hussein


Le Livre Noir de Saddam Hussein (The Black Book of Saddam Hussein) is a robust denunciation of Saddam’s regime that does not fall into the trap of viewing everything in Iraq through a US-centric prism. The writers – Arabs, Americans, Germans, French and Iranian – have produced the most comprehensive work to date on the former Iraqi president’s war crimes, assembling a mass of evidence that makes the anti-intervention arguments redundant.

“The youngest Hakim detained was only 14. His father and two brothers, together with 13 other relatives, were executed within the first weeks of detention. He and the rest were held in Abu Ghraib, 22 in a cell that measured 4mx6m. There was no running water and a hole in the corner served as a toilet. Recounting his detention in the book, Abdoul al-Hakim says: “The worst moments? It was all terrible, but the worst was the fear of being executed. Each time we heard the lock turn we were silent; it could be the moment to leave, for me, for another. I am angry with those who mix the crimes of the Americans with those of Saddam when they are not comparable.”

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Slut med alt det vrøvl om, at der ikke var nogen WMD. Saddam Hussein VAR et WMD.

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  1. “….have produced the most comprehensive work to date on the former Iraqi president….”

    Det kunne tyde på at bogen er “farvet” når den omtaler Saddam Hussein som Iraks tidligere præsident hvilket må være en bevist fordrejning.

    Han er ikke Iraks tidligere præsident, han er Iraks tidligere DIKTATOR !!!

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