Luk det racistiske The Guardian

Britain First

The Guardian newspaper has been long regarded as the champion of woke causes and a strong supporter of far-left activists and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

However, the newspaper, which was founded in 1821, was owned by John Edward Taylor, who profited from cotton plantation slavery, and after he died in 1844, the newspaper continued its relationship with the slave trade, making money from the slave-backing cotton mill owners of Manchester who paid for advertising.

The Guardian even sided with the slave-owning south in the American civil war; the paper demanded that the Manchester cotton workers who starved in the streets because they refused to touch cotton picked by American slaves should be forced back into work.

Please sign our petition below to demand that the Guardian is shut down due to its links with historical slavery.

Yours sincerely,
Timothy Burton
Chairman, Britain First

DanMarx Radio mener stadig ikke, at deres læsere skal vide, at en deres bedste samarbejdspartnere har lig i lasten.

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  1. Meget morsomt, nu hvor den ene bog efter den anden bliver blacklisted (undskyld), og den ene statue efter den anden revet ned. Også interessant, at demokraterne i USA var modstandere af et forbud mod slaveri i modsætning til republikanerne.

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