The Problem:

Intelligence sources, both public (i.e., “open”) sources and clandestine ones, inform us that al Qaeda and many related, affiliated or kindred Muslim terrorist organizations and operational cells are located in the United States. Some are actively planning and preparing for the next major wave of terrorism on our Homeland. Others are “sleeper” cells, biding time and waiting for the right opportunity and command instructions from overseas.

What we also know from our intelligence sources, and again much of this is public information, is that the ideological infrastructure is already in place for the Islamic assault on American from within America. This includes Islamic mosques, day schools, and social clubs and other organizations openly teaching historical, traditional and authoritative Islamic law or Shari’a.

Islamic law is the source of the command for faithful Muslims to war against the infidel. Sometimes this “Jihad” is taught as a personal introspective battle against the Muslim’s own demons, but just as often this Jihad is taught as a war against non-Muslims and Muslims who have gone astray.

Jihad, or Islamic holy war, can be waged peacefully through persuasion and even democratically (i.e., lobbying for electoral results), through coercion and threats, and of course through death and destruction.

Many Islamic organizations in America appear to adhere to a peaceful Jihad. Some in fact do adhere to legal and non-violent Jihad to persuade Americans to embrace Islam as a religion and even as a political ideology.

Many Islamic groups operate “underground” and explicitly advocate violence and Islamic holy war against America as the Great Satan.

But most Islamic groups and organizations take on what appears to be a legal and peaceful veneer in the English settings, but in fact preach quietly and often in Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu a very violent and anti-American Jihad.

The exact number of Islamic mosques, day schools, and social clubs and organizations in the United Stated is unknown. We do know there are approximately 6 million Muslims in the US. This number is growing exponentially from several sources. One, birth rate. Two, conversions, especially among American Blacks, and especially among American Blacks in prison. Three, new immigrants.

The largest Arab-American organization is the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR. CAIR is modeled after the ACLU or Anti-Defamation League but its purposes are far more invidious. CAIR has regional offices throughout the US and its public leadership consists of professionals who speak English well and who know how to speak to the American public. What many do not know is that many of CAIR’s senior leadership have been convicted of terrorist-related crimes and have been taped preaching violence or the conversion of America from a constitutional republic to part of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. CAIR is a classic example of the Islamic organization that has a “legal” veneer covering a quite Islamic-Shari’a-based mission.

CAIR is but one of many such local, regional, and nationwide organizations.

CAIR officials have estimated that there are between 1200 and 2000 mosques alone. But no systematic effort has ever been undertaken to identify the Islamic mosques and organizations that would operate as the ideological and organizational reservoirs for Islamic terrorist cells.

What is also an unknown, and it is the single most important intelligence and counter-terrorism factor, is who provides the ideological or theological leadership of any given Muslim organization or mosque. Some are headed up by Imams; some by local councils; and some by political activists.

If we do not know the organizational structures of these organizations and who provides the religious and political instruction, we will never have a satisfactory picture of the threat from Jihad.

Moreover, while federal authorities have attempted to track financial transactions between US Muslims and foreign organizations, governments, and individuals identified as associated with terrorism, there is no evidence that a systematic study of American Islamic organizations has been conducted to assess the threat level to American security based upon the organization’s adherence to historical, traditional, and authoritative Shari’a.

It is Islamic law or Shari’a which demands of the Muslim faithful to carry out or support a violent Jihad when circumstances permit. In order to properly assess the threat level across America from Islamic Jihadists, it is first necessary to properly identify the Muslim organizations and mosques teaching and preaching Shari’a, what variety of Shari’a is being taught or preached, and how it rates on a systematic scale measuring the degree to which the specific Shari’a taught or preached is based upon one of the five historical, traditional and authoritative jurisprudential schools of fiqh (or legal interpretation) and to what degree does the particular brand of Shari’a begin advocated call for Jihad, and which aspect of Jihad.

The Proposal:

To conduct an extensive mapping of all the Islamic day schools, mosques, and other identifiable organizations in the US and to determine which ones teach or preach Islamic law, Shari’a. Further, the mapping will scale the Shari’a threat by identifying to which school of jurisprudence it belongs, its historical and contemporary call for Jihad, and whether the Jihad includes violent Jihad against non-believers.

This investigation will also map the leadership of these Muslim organizations and their other affiliations. We will also attempt to uncover any related businesses used or run by the organizations as fronts for money laundering and other illicit activities.

Finally, we will examine and map any potential targets situated near these organizations, such as city, county, and federal government buildings, schools and universities, US military installations, major utility or infrastructure sites (i.e., nuclear installations, pipelines, water supply, etc.), and transportation hubs.

Program Goals:

[1] To conduct a thorough mapping and indexing of Shari’a in America. This will be the first of its kind Islamic threat analysis conducted on the US Homeland based upon open sources and intelligence gathering.

[2] To produce an interactive map that allows a macro- and micro-analysis of the current Shari’a-based Jihadists in the US, together with a fact-specific threat level analysis. This map will be updated bi-annually by a team of investigators, researchers and analysts working under the supervision of SANE’s senior officials.

[3] The detailed and person-specific information will be provided to the appropriate authorities, both governmental and civic, and will also be available upon subscription to the media, educational and research institutions, and other appropriate organizations, which will include the annual updates.

Program administation and staff:

The Mapping Shari’a in America: Knowing the Enemy Program is designed to penetrate the veil of Shari’a and its threat to the national security. Today, largely due to the prevailing attitude to view no religion or political ideology as different from any other, what we have come to refer to as Political Correctness, federal, state, and local counter-terrorism and law enforcement officials have purposefully avoided this kind of analysis. Political assessments have trumped security issues.

By necessity, the Program is a sensitive one and requires the highest level of professionalism. This is true both to acquire the vast amount of information necessary, but also to properly asses it.

Data acquisition itself requires both a realistic approach to gathering the information necessary and the fine and important legal parameters to such intelligence work. While much of the information will be gathered from open sources, it is still necessary to assess this information’s validity and reliability. Further, much of the data will be the result of in-the-field intelligence gathering, some of which will be covert surveillance. A thorough legal analysis of all techniques will be undertaken to be certain that all data collection methods are fully vetted and legal.



The Mapping Sharia in America Project will be initiated in four phases.

Phase One: The initial focus will be to identify all of the known mosques, Islamic day schools, political organizations, and social clubs in the U.S.

Phase Two: The second phase focus on identifying the strain of Shari’a taught or preached if at all at each of these organizations. Our analysis will use standard layering techniques, profiling first the larger organizations, characterized by larger membership or finances.

Phase Two will also include specific details about the organization in question, the types of members, profiles on the organizational, religious and political leadership involved, businesses owned by the organization or its key leadership, and vulnerable US targets near the location. This phase will also include tracking the financial information pertaining to the organizations, its leaders, and members. Phase Two will include the first known ranking of Shari’a, with 0 being no Shari’a and 10 being al Qaeda level.

Phase Three will incorporate the vast amount of data into a central data base and applying link and data analysis technology, which permits a thoroughgoing analysis of patent and hidden links and interrelationships.

Phase Four will begin the annual data update and re-analysis.

Projektets hjemmeside er her.

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  1. Jeg havde forestillet mig, at man burde gøre det på europæisk basis. Jeg vil æde min gamle hat på at islamisterne arbejder sammen over grænserne her.

    Tidligere skrev jeg f.eks. om penge fra Mellemøsten til – var det et professorat i Oslo? Andre steder er det moskeer, andre igen ‘kulturcentre’.

    Der må være koordinering også med EAD, Barcelona og Anna Lindh in mente.

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