Melodi Grand Prix – Adolfedinejad kan vi ikke genere

Det er opstandelse over Israels bidrag til det europæiske Melodi Grand Prix, der skal afholdes 12. maj.

Budskabet i Israels vindersang med gruppen Teapack er, at man ikke vil udslettes i en kerneeksplosion, der er styret af en galning.

“I don’t want to die; I want to see the flowers bloom / Don’t want to go kaput-kaboom, and I don’t want to cry / I wanna have a lot of fun, just sitting in the sun / But nevertheless – he’s gonna push the button.”


Kjell Ekholm, konkurrencens event manager og repræsentant for den finske TV-station YLE siger:

“We’ll have all the delegation leaders here in Helsinki next week, and I’m sure we’ll talk about this case.”

Mere på Toronto Star via No-Pasaran

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  1. In 1982 the Finnish entry was a very political song solely about bombs, and nobody had a problem with that. Maybe because the bombs they feared weren’t Iranian but American.
    Yet again Israel is singled out.
    Please expose this hypocrisy.

    Enclosed is a link to the (very poorly translated) words to the Finnish entry back in 1982.
    The song title literally means “Sleep while bombs are falling” ie to be unaware of imminent danger and/or oversleep.
    And here’s the hilariously inept video for the song

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