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  1. Hey there i’m writing to you because i’m creating a blog with people from all around the world and I read your blog and found it very interesting. My name’s Rui, i’m a portuguese journalism student, and I want to have a blog
    >> >>uniting people from as many countries as it gets. Each one will expose his/her country’s society, culture, politics, sports, religion (…), giving an opinion whenever it’s necessary and therefore i hope to create good debates around topics that really mather. I think this is one of the things Internet was made for.
    If you may be interested please read this blog’s posts:
    http://membershall.wordpress.com/. This is a blog only for the members.
    If you find the idea interesting after reading it please e-mail me and you may be added in.
    The main blog is http://worldcommunity.wordpress.com

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