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The Police State sabotage of Britain First is not slowing down, it’s increasing.

This afternoon transport manager Timothy Burton received a phone call from our minibus insurance provider who informed him that they will be cancelling our insurance policy.

They confirmed they had been contacted by the police who told them that the minibuses are being used for nefarious purposes!

Not content with arresting me for no valid reason, banning me from Wakefield in the middle of an election, confiscating my mobile phone, impounding our white minibus, getting my personal and the party’s bank accounts closed down, now they have managed to get our minibus insurance cancelled.

The police are blatantly interfering in British politics, and directly sabotaging a registered and lawful political party.

But wait, there’s more.

Yesterday, I received a court summons in the post informing me that the police are prosecuting me for simply…..driving the Battle Bus!

Look at this:

The charge is: “Driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence.”

This is absolute rubbish.

How many times have I been pulled by the police, they carry out detailed forensic checks, then I am released to go on my way?

It is clear that the Police State is deeply upset with my continued legal attacks on them, so they are fighting back.

We are still waiting for a court date to get my mobile phone back.

Are they deliberately keeping me waiting for as long as possible?

Of course they are.

Britain First is under attack by the establishment, and we must defeat them!

I will not sit back and allow them to sabotage us!

They are attacking us from every angle, but they will not defeat us.

I also have no doubt that all of these attacks are the Police State’s way of dealing with Tommy Robinson’s explosive exposé of their dirty tricks department, Hope Not Hate.

They know we helped with the documentary, so they are punishing us for it.

Your help and assistance right now would be enormously beneficial to our party.

I am determined not to allow them to de-rail us while we are in a period of rapid growth.

We need to pay for new minibus insurance, for a start.

So please, if you can, chip in with a small donation to help us overcome these outrageous acts of sabotage from the Police State.

We need to show them we will not allow them to defeat us!

Chip in below:

PS: I will update all of our supporters when there are new developments in this evolving situation. I will not allow the Police State to get away with sabotage and persecution without a determined fight-back. Watch this space.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain FirstFollow Britain First on Gab, the only anti-censorship social network:

3 Kommentarer

  1. De onde er aktivistiske, de gode snorksover.
    Generelt sagt.

    Verden er ved at falde fra hinanden, og
    Danmark er præget af pervers dekadence,
    nihilisme, idioti, opløsning og forfald.

    Og atomkrig er blevet en mulighed.

    Er det de sidste tider som beskrevet i

    • Ja det er de sidste tider og det er der flere og flere tegn på.

      Umoralsk og pervers livsførelse, krige og konflikter, tørke, korruption, magtmisbrug og selvoptagethed.

      Føj selv adskillige punkter til listen.

  2. Er det engelske politi af politikerne
    sat til at bekæmpe demokratiet/ ytringsfriheden?
    Det kan vel kun skyldes pladderhumanisternes og
    de masseindvandrede migranters indflydelse.
    England risikerer at gå tabt til islamisterne.

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