Moske i England konverterer børn

child.jpgYoungest Muslim Reverts in The World. Children in England Turn To Islam. Some of the World's youngest Muslim reverts. Two sisters, aged 9 and 12 show a keen interest in Islam. It all started when they went to the Local Mosque after hearing the melodious Adthaan (call to prayer). Soon after they decided to go to classes at the mosque after school, and have bought and studied many books on Islam, and have even managed to learn and read the Quran in the Arabic language. Unlike other children, the girls spend their evenings reading books and memorising Quran as well as praying in their rooms. All of which is very new and strange to their mother.


Ja lad os da arbejde for at få så mange moskeer som muligt. 9 og 12 år! Børn får ofte andre interesser med tiden. Hvad sker der, hvis de mister interessen i islam? Skal de så dræbes som frafaldne?

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