New York Slimes fjernede med vilje vigtige detaljer fra Kavanaugh artikel

NYT REMOVED Details About Kavanaugh Allegation On Purpose, Journalist Was CLASSMATES With Him.

We are now learning about glaring omissions and conflicts of interest in the Brett Kavanaugh story from the New York Times.

Democrats are still rallying for impeachment and Vox and CNN have both run stories about how to remove Brett Kavanaugh from the supreme court over what is now obviously old, uncorroborated, and in all likelihood fake news.

The reporter on the story at one point said she was classmates with Kavanaugh. An insane oversight and glaring conflict of interest that puts the reported in the story.

This wasn’t a piece of objective reporting on Kavanaugh, this was someone privy to parties and events not disclosing personal connections to the subject.

The far left and Democrats are now using the smear to further harm the Supreme Court Justice even after the story is debunked.

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