Nord-Koreanere der er flygtet fra det fascistiske diktatur oplever fascismen igen i Washington DC

Wright told PJ Media by email that members of the group had bought the hats Monday night in a souvenir shop in Washington and that the assault happened Tuesday morning — the day Bigalow Black posted the video on Twitter. The thugs stole three of their hats, but the group didn’t call the police, according to Wright. “They were not hurt, but they said that may be because they did not fight back,” Wright said.

She told PJ Media that the Koreans were shocked that something like this could happen in America.

“They came from a totalitarian country that does not allow free speech or freedom of thought, and could not believe this assault on belief would take place in the U.S.,” she explained. “They were really shocked that this could happen and knew it was not random vandalism but it was an assault on free speech.”

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