Nu indrømmer Washington Compost også at Hunter Bidens laptop er ægte

EXCLUSIVE: Now Washington Post reverses course! Paper joins NYT in finally admitting Hunter Biden’s laptop IS REAL – nine months after it first received – and dismissed – a copy of the hard drive and ONE YEAR after authenticated it

  • The Washington Post finally admitted  Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, nine months after first receiving a copy of the hard drive 
  • The newspaper made a u-turn in an piece published Wednesday, after months of publishing articles suggesting the laptop could be Russian disinformation  
  • The Post said it had cyber forensics experts validate its material, using similar methods experts hired by used back in March 2021
  • Hunter’s Macbook Pro was recovered in October 2020 after he left it at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware in April 2019 and never returned for it
  • Earlier this month, revealed that the Post received a copy of the laptop from political activist Jack Maxey last June and again in October but ignored it
  • ‘They haven’t done anything. They’re not just late to the party, they didn’t even show up,’ said Maxey, who gave the laptop last spring
  • The Post’s admission also follows the New York Times, which quietly noted 1,200 words into a long story this month that it had also validated the device’s material 

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