Ny bog afslører EU’s tilsløring af migrationens kriminalitetsbølge

The Migrant Crime Wave is a book written by Janice Atkinson, MEP and VP of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group. 

Conservative Brexiteer. In her exposé, Janice exposes what has been sold to us as a ‘multicultural utopia’, as the ‘migrant ghettos with high levels of crime and sexual assaults’ that it really is.

Ms. Atkinson and her staff have compiled hard to obtain official EU statistics in this hard hitting look at the migration fraud. As a MEP, Janice has the unique position and privileged access to information normally remaining unattainable.

We have arrived at the level in Europe where women are being told to stay on one side of the road for their own safety

Crime statistics are changing to reflect a new Europe. With violent crimes on the increase and the number of prisoners having a migrant background having risen sharply, the numbers deserve the attention Janice gives in her book.

Violent crimes, human trafficking, sexual assaults and rapes, drugs trafficking, all increased significantly in virtually all countries with migration.

As you read the book of carefully and thoughtfully constructed statistics, you will see just how much has been carefully hidden from us by politicians and the media, who refuse to report honestly on the crimes and who is committing them.

You’ll want to point others to read The Migrant Crime Wave to refute what has been continually told to us about mass migration.

Left liberal politicians still pretend that mass migration leads to some kind of utopia in which migrants from various backgrounds, characterised by opposing cultural values (…) will enrich those host societies.

As a conservative news source, Voice of Europe reports on populist politicians, such as Ms. Atkinson, as well as other such as Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orban, in what can only be described as a battle for our freedoms and sovereignty.

As the established governments have allowed Third-World migrants to attempt to dismantle and destroy our once thriving and proud countries, this growing force of patriots across Europe are standing together, shoulder to shoulder to find the truth and expose it.

Janice’s book, The Migrant Crime Wave, does just that. Download the free PDF here

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  1. Og noget går til at betale for islamiseringen via halal-afgifterne, for ting du har købt, som du ikke aner er halal, fordi forbrugerrådet og politikerne IKKE VIL være med til halal-mærkning.

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