Om genbrug og flaskepant i Saudi Arabien

Ask the average Saudi about “recycling”, and they’ll give you a blank look.

We don’t have “recycling centers” or “bottle banks”. Recycling happens, but, as befits the land of the Two Holy Mosques, it happens thru divine intervention. We throw our used paper tissues out of the car window into the street, but over time “The Hand of God” makes them disappear. Some heretics say that otherwise-invisible brown men in orange overalls come and pick them up, but that is a superstitious belief, like believing in Jinns. I remember once watching four Saudi youth sitting in a car in a parking lot outside McDonalds, eating their Big Macs. When they had finished, each opened his own window and tipped everything – polystyrene boxes, empty bags, fries, drink containers, onto the ground, and the car drove away. They didn’t wonder whether a little brown-and-orange Jinn would come along and remove it all, they just believed, and trusted in God. And twenty minutes all the trash was gone. Such is True Faith.

Fra The Religious Policeman

Kommentar: Næsten alt manuelt arbejde udføres af underbetalte udlændinge.

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  1. the sad thing is alot of that kind of ‘SCUMBAGS”comes to danmark, I do not want them around were i live ,if you can not educate them to live the danish way of life ,send them some place else

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