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Hirsi Ali prepared to pay security

ROTTERDAM – Former VVD politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali feels that she must ultimately arrange her personal security herself. As long as she is unable, the Dutch government will bear a responsibility for her protection however.

Lawyer Britta Böhler said this on Wednesday on behalf of Hirsi Ali. Böhler hopes the statements will create more clarity on the situation in which the former politician finds herself.

Hirsi Ali has been preparing to raise funds to pay for her own security since the beginning of this year. She has had to wait for an American work permit, or green card, however until she was able to actually start gathering funds.

The US issued her a green card last week on Monday. Precisely one week later the period expired in which the Dutch government was paying for Hirsi Ali’s security while abroad, prompting her to return. Once on Dutch soil Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin is responsible for her safety.

After receiving her green card Hirsi Ali had just one week to take over the financing of her security before the Dutch contribution elapsed. The time period was too short to be able to raise funds seriously, Böhler says.
Hirsi Ali will now see if she can raise enough money in the Netherlands to pay for her personal protection. As soon as she succeeds the former politician can return to the US. She works for conservative think-tank the American Enterprise Institute in Washington.

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