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    ‘We’ll light up in secret’
    By Vincent Moss, Political Editor Vincent.Moss@Mgn.Co.Uk 03/06/2007

    DEFIANT MPs at the House of Commons are planning to ignore the national smoking ban being imposed on the rest of the country next month.

    From July 1, anyone lighting up in pubs, clubs, restaurants and offices in England faces a £50 fine. And authorities have decided to extend the ban to Westminster – which has traditionally been exempt from many laws because of its status as a palace – to avoid charges of “hypocrisy”.

    But politicians are plotting to continue smoking in their own offices, which they usually share with just an assistant.

    The authorities have also set aside special “outdoor areas” within the courtyards and gardens at Westminster where smoking will be allowed.

    One veteran MP, who does not wish to be named, said: “I don’t see why I can’t continue to smoke in the privacy of my own office.

    “We work long hours and we don’t want to stand outside shivering every time we want a ciggie.”

    Officials have insisted the ban will be “strictly policed” with smoking only allowed in the designated spaces outside the main building but within the tight security cordon which surrounds the palace.

    But one senior MP said: “I would be interested to see if anyone raises it with an MP who is caught smoking in his or her own office behind closed doors.

    “It’s not just us. There are dozens and dozens of staff who work here who smoke too.”

    Doctors’ leaders have called for ships to be subject to the same no smoking laws as other public places to protect crew members from passive smoking.

    JULY 1

    THIS is what it will mean for the rest of us…


  2. jeg vil gerne give min prost imod rygeloven som skal skråset i skaldespanden jeg vil have lov til at ryge hvor jeg altid har gjort det så derfor vil jeg nu sice at jeg vil have den i skraldespanden en gang for alle det mener jeg og det skal være nu og her og nu jeg vil ikke finde mig i det mere hilsen fra maria pedersen og min ven peter

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