Racisme imod den hvide underklasse i UK er helt officiel

Racial discrimination against white children – especially white working-class children – in the name of political correctness has been endemic in our education system for decades.

As a result, white British students are now the least likely to go to university, and the most disadvantaged of these take up less than 5% of half of all university places.

Now Dulwich College and Winchester College have refused the offer of a donation of over £1m because of a stipulation that it should help the most disadvantaged children – that is, white working-class children – in our society.

This is in stark contrast to Cambridge University – who, without a second thought – accepted a multi-million pound donation by the grime artist ‘Stormzy’ who stipulated that it should only go to help disadvantaged black children.

The Masters of Dulwich College and Winchester College state that their primary concern is that they should not fall foul of the racial equality laws, but this is merely a politically correct red herring designed to virtue-signal their ‘woke’ credentials.

When even Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Human Rights and Equality Commission, has described poor white boys as today’s ‘educational left-behinds’ and has advised that it is perfectly acceptable to offer bursaries or scholarships to minority groups, then the time has come to forcefully condemn the overt racism exhibited by these two colleges.

Take part in our campaign and your message will be sent immediately and automatically to Dr. Joseph Spence, the Master of Dulwich College, and Dr. Timothy Hands, the Master of Winchester College:

Yours sincerely,
Timothy Burton
Campaigns Officer

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  1. Den politiske korrekthed i England (samt Danmark, Norge og Sverige osv.) er endt i en kollektiv rødfascistisk galskab af den art der, hvis den ikke møder modstand, kan ende i folkemord. Foreløbig er der “kun” tale om hetz, undertrykkelse og diskrimination, men bliver det ved, eller kommer endnu værre udskejelser på banen?

    En vis modstand ydes af netaviserne. Tror at det kunne skaffe mange flere læsere til Hodjas blog, hvis Generation Identitære hjalp med at uddele flyveblade om Hodjas eksistens.

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