Radical Islam Cracking America’s Back

Slowly but surely, slow but steady, the groundwork is being laid for Amerabia. This story was a shocker for me. It was one thing when city (Seattle) public swimming pools regularly schedule hours for the exclusive use of Muslims —  “Muslim Sister Swim” here ..…………..but this? Taking over without a single shot, or sawed off head.

University Bank Signs $100,000,000 Sharia’a Home Acquisition Master Commitment With Freddie Mac,   

(MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — Stephen Lange Ranzini, President and Chairman of Ann Arbor’s University Bank announced that it has entered into a master purchase agreement with Freddie Mac to create a secondary market for Sharia’a compliant loans to assist in home acquisitions by Islamic homebuyers.


Hele artiklen Atlas Shrugs

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