Remembering Communism’s Victims

Holocaust victims have one. So do the fallen of World War II and Vietnam.

But what of the estimated 100 million who perished at the hands of the last century’s greatest tragedy, communist totalitarianism?
Until recently, these silenced masses — victims of Soviet gulags, Vietnamese concentration camps, Cambodia‘s killing fields, the East German, Cuban and North Korean police states — had no fitting memorial to remind the world of their unjust, and often inhuman, fate, let alone of the ideology that abbreviated so many lives. That changed this week with the dedication in the nation’s capital of the world’s first memorial to the collective victims of communism.


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  1. Hvis et tilsvarende mindesmærke skulle rejses for disse ofre, og mindesmærket i Berlin for jøderne skulle være model, så ville det være interessant at regne ud, hvor stort det mindesmærke ville blive, hvis det skulle have en analog størrelse.


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