Revolutionsromantisk poesi blomstrer i Ugeskrift for Læger

En artikel om Che Guevaras datter har været gæst ved det sociale forum i København, og Ugevennen har et interview med hende.

Artiklen starter således:

“Che Guevara, den melankolske kriger med blikket skuende drømmerisk mod en fjern men smukkere fremtid, var oprindeligt uddannet læge. Efter at have befriet Cuba sammen med Fidel Castro blev han en af regeringens betroede ministre. Osv osv.”

Ja 68’erne har ikke levet forgæves, indledningen kunne være skrevet af Røde Mor.

Ugeskrift for Læger; 13/2 2006. Side 724.

Wiki har et kritisk afsnit om Che:

Criticism of Che

Though seen by communists as a hero, opposers of Guevara including cuban exiles think of Che as a killer and terrorist. They point to what they see as the less savory aspects of Guevara’s life, taking the viewpoint that he was enthusiastic about executing opponents of the Cuban Revolution. Some of Che’s writing is cited as evidence of this enthusiasm, as quoted in an article by Alvaro Vargas Llosa. For example, in his “Message to the Tricontinental” he writes of “hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine.”[26]

New York Sun writer, Williams Myers, labels Che as a “sociopathic thug”. Other US newspaper critics have made similar remarks. They point out that Che Guevara was responsible for the torture and execution of hundreds of people in Cuban prisons, and the murder of many more peasants in the regions controlled or visited by his guerrilla forces. More controversial is the belief that Che failed medical school in Argentina and that there is no evidence that he earned a medical degree. [11], [12],[13],[14]

Some critics, such as Che-Mart, have merchandised their dislike of Che Guevara, his communist beliefs, what they believe are his murderous intents, and his modern apologists by marketing t-shirts poking fun of both Che Guevara and Che supporters. [15]

Although much criticism of Guevara and his legacy emanates from the political center and right, there has also been criticism from other political groups such as Anarchists and Civil libertarians, some of whom considered Guevara an authoritarian anti-working class Stalinist, whose goal was the creation of a more bureaucratic state-Stalinist regime.[16]


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