Så er det Gandhis tur

An online petition is calling for the removal of a statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi from the Carleton University campus.

As the Black Lives Matter movement, reinvigorated by the killing of George Floyd, continues to demand recognition that systemic anti-Black racism exists in Canada and around the world, the call to remove the statue of the political and spiritual leader who led a campaign for Indian independence from Britain has resurfaced — as have the darker elements of Gandhi’s own past.

“We’re not really taught that history because in the larger aspect, Gandhi — the man we know to be Gandhi today — has been whitewashed in a way to keep a certain element of his story hidden,” said Kenneth Aliu, a former Carleton University student who called for the statue’s removal three years ago.

The petition claims Gandhi was a misogynist and a racist who referred to “Africans as savages.” 

Det var også Gandhi, der opfordrede jøderne til frivilligt at gå i gaskamrene.

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