Schmoozing with Terrorists: From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists Reveal Their Global Plans–To a Jew!

Author Klein, an Orthodox Jewish journalist, has somehow gained access to some of the world’s worst terrorists.

Chatting with leaders of Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, Islamic Jihad and other such terror groups, Klein exposes their megalomania (they’re creating a worldwide caliphate), their delusions (the Jews control American churches) and their amazing ability to deny reality (there were no Jewish temples in Jerusalem).


Klein also reveals the sad effects of our celebrities’ (Penn, Gere, etc.) pronouncements on American policy. He even uncovers their endorsements for President (hint: it’s not Rudy).

Any Jewish journalist who can convene a panel of terrorists and seduce them into sharing ideas on how America can defeat Al Qaeda has a story that needs to be told – and read by all.

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