Sri Lanka: Grønne vrangforestillinger medfører kaos og død

Green Delusions Bring Chaos And Death

It’s one thing when affluent Granola Americans try to green their own lives via expensive organic food, solar panels and electric cars, but quite another when they write their delusional green policy choices into law. Just as reliance on trendy renewable energy helped trigger Texas ice storm blackouts, so too have other government regulations led to serious, pressing problems.

Take Sri Lanka as the first example:

In less than a year since Sri Lanka became the first country in the world to fully ban conventional agriculture, an economic crisis of epic proportions has gripped the island nation, launched waves of protests, and on Monday prompted the resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka’s pivot to organic farming — with a ban on synthetic fertilizers — triggered a drastic decline in the production of critical crops like tea and rice, something that many agricultural experts had foreshadowed for months.

“Predicted” is the word you want to use there. Or “foretold” if you want to be a little grandiloquent and Biblical for dramatic effect.

And lo, just as the prophecy foretold, it came to pass:

Most accounts show that production dropped between 20 percent to 50 percent of what it was prior to the switch, leaving many of the country’s 22 million people in dire straits. These happenings paint the picture of the clear connection between synthetic crop protection products and food security. And not only had Sri Lanka’s ban on fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, and fungicides resulted in massive food shortages, it also led to the doubling in price of rice, vegetables, and other market staples.

Just as with Lysenkoism or Mao’s war on birds, reliance on delusional theory rather than actual science led to famine and death.

By the time Sri Lanka opted to reverse most of its mandate over the winter, the situation had gone too far.

The turmoil spurred shortages of electricity and other goods and services in Sri Lanka. Many people have died — and scores injured — in economic- and hunger-related protests, and Rajapaksa required a military rescue this week as chaos closed in around him.

Last summer, prior to the changeover to full organic, 30 national experts wrote to Rajapaksa’s brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa…

“Would like a side order of Nepotism with your Green Delusion Special?”

…outlining their concern over this seismic policy shift. While they recognize the goals of the president’s program, they proposed a phased, consultative approach — with actual experts — rather than cold turkey, emotive mandates.

“Prior to this policy, the government had unsuccessfully tried to commercialize farm land, which is the biggest commercial asset the country has. So many of us think this was another way to try and get farmers to leave their land, or to weaken the farmers’ position and enable a land grab,” Vimukthi de Silva, an organic farmer in Rajanganaya, told The Guardian.

So just like here, the sheep’s clothing of pious environmentalism hides the ravenous rent-seeking wolf of public subsidy cash grabs.

DanMarx Radio skriver i flere indlæg om krisen – men ikke et ord om, hvorfor det er gået galt.

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  1. Grøn omstilling er nysprog for rød omstilling.
    I vore dages politik tildækkes og camoufleres
    alle hensigter med ord der lyder godt. Hykleriet
    er sat i system. Ingen er kommunister mere, alle
    de røde og blå kalder sig humanister, folkevenner,
    de svages hjælpere, klimaets frelsere og alt muligt
    andet godt. Der er ingen grænser for godheden og
    næstekærligheden, når globalisterne selv skal
    sige det. I Sverige foregik ødelæggelsen af landet
    under fanfarer om at man ville opbygge en “humanistisk
    stormagt”. Svenskernes økonomi, velfærd og fremtid
    blev smadret, mens sosserne og feministerne boltrede
    sig i slagord, løfter og søde ord om et kommende
    samfund hvor alt var fryd og gammen, og al racisme,
    uretfærdighed, kriminalitet, sygdom, ensomhed,
    fattigdom, social elendighed osv. var afskaffet.
    Men kommunisterne, kvindesagskvinderne og pladder-
    humanisterne har skaffet svenskerne det stik modsatte
    af hvad deres propaganda lovede. Sverige er nu på
    det værste lavpunkt i 200 år. Se Snaphanen: “Sverige
    i år NUL”.

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