Stop the tires: Amerikanske lastbilchauffører stopper deres lastbiler

American Truckers Halt Shipments To Stop Biden’s Voter Fraud

(Big League Politics) – Groups of truckers began a strike inspired by the #StopTheTires movement on Monday, ceasing to transport non-essential goods.

One video compilation reveals lines of trucks on American highways, halted to a stop. Many truckers speak of poor treatment from their communities, citing support for first responders and ignorance of the contributions truckers have made during the coronavirus pandemic. Truckers cite onerous coronavirus restrictions, poor maintenance of roads, and the shutdown of rest facilities they rely on. Many are also pointing to what they identify as a fraudulent 2020 US presidential election and Joe Biden’s hostility to the blue-collar middle class demographic truckers identify with.

“70 million of you guys voted against the trucking industry. Against oil and gas. We ain’t gonna forget this s***.”

Figures affiliated with the #StopTheTires movement have urged truck drivers carrying essential cargo such as food and medical supplies not to strike. It’s likely that any cessation of trucking will result in inconveniences for American consumers, with popular goods becoming unavailable at many retailers.

Organizers had earlier encouraged temporary strikes on Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, with trucker Jeremy Rewoldt citing the damage a potential Joe Biden presidency could incur on truckers. Biden opposes fracking, a method of producing fossil fuels, Rewolt pointed to the Democrat as a crucial supporter of Black Lives Matter riots and criminals that deter truckers from entering major American cities.

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  1. Det kommer til at gøre ondt på de fleste hvis de stopper leveringerne.

    Til gengæld får folk, ved selvsyn, at se hvem der er vigtige og hvem der bare fiser husleje af. Et realitetscheck af og til er vist meget godt.

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