Terrorist stiller op til valg i King County Washington – med demokraternes støtte

Islams 5. kolonne:

Who hates Jews, threatened to blow up a school bus full of kids, and is running for Washington State King County Council District Nine? Ubax Gardheere, and she has supporters.

Washington Democrat State Senator Rebecca Saldana spoke ahead of Gardheere at a kickoff campaign event, chanting with supporters, “What do we want? Ubax to win!”

n January 12, 2010, Gardheere boarded a Highline School District bus and demanded the driver inform his dispatcher “that a national security incident was going on.”

As per police reports, Gardheere then began yelling at the children about America’s relationship with Somalia. In an audio recording of the incident, the driver told Gardheere to leave the bus. She responded, “You need to calm yourselves down ’cause I could have a bomb. Look how loose my clothes are.” She further suggested she might have a gun. The middle school children began fleeing out of the bus’s rear emergency exit. Gardheere called them cowards for abandoning their classmates and told them they’d be responsible if they were harmed.

Today, Gardheere makes over $130,000 a year working as the Equitable Development Division director in the City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development. Which is more than I make and I’ve never threatened to slaughter kids.

Whenever asked anything about anything, Gardheere fires victim cards on full auto. She was a “victim” of a mental health situation, the authorities didn’t “give” her the help she needed, and she was “criminalized” instead.  She is also a woman of color. Checkmate.

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    • Dem der tillader og ønsker dem hertil.
      Vi snakker både om ngo’ere, politikere og individer på alle plan.
      Globalisme er deres primus motor og alle kneb gælder for at smadre de eksisterende værdier, samfund og nationer.
      Men størstedelen af disse femte kolonner er slet ikke klar over konsekvenserne af deres absurditeter. Den realisering kommer de først til når en militær støvle står på deres nakke eller de opdager deres egen insignikante værdi i det nye system.

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