The Islamisation of Sweden

This video thoroughly details the islamisation of Sweden and all the different aspects serving to blur the line between secular democracy and theocracy.

For this reason it is quite long, so below you will find a table of contents with timelines in case you want to jump to a specific part.

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1 – 00:00 – We aren’t even allowed to deport terrorists
2 – 09:32 – The muslim radicalization of immigrant ghettos
3 – 18:30 – Tax-funded mosques advocating sexism
4 – 24:29 – Islamist organisations secretly working for intolerance
5 – 45:20 – Offended believers who demand special rights
6 – 51:37 – The racism of low expectations
7 – 57:44 – Moderate muslims are called “houseniggers” in Sweden

”Islamophobe” is a word purposely confusing well-founded criticism against organized religion with bigoted hatred towards all of it’s followers. It reinterprets criticism as a witch-hunt on individuals. Any sound critic of religion knows well enough to differentiate between people and ideology. Criticizing Islam (an idea) and demonizing Muslims (a people) are very different things. The word ”islamophobe” makes it impossible to have a constructive, nuanced conversation about Islam and islamism.

Islamists claiming to fight islamophobia are given millions in tax funding to spread intolerance. The massmedia pick the most suspicious professionally offended radicals to represent all muslims in Sweden, and secular muslims are hounded by left-wingers for being ”racist” when speaking out against radicals.

This is Sweden in 2015. Islamisation is an institutionalized process made possible by the complete cowardice and vile ignorance of Swedish politicians and journalists. They don’t know anything about muslims, and they don’t want to know. All they want to do is further their own career by saying what they think muslims want to hear, and avoiding labels such as ”racist” and ”islamophobic” – the latter of which is the islamist’s favourite tool to blur the line between democracy and theocracy.

And anybody who fails to draw the line between secular muslims and radicals is a useful idiot serving the purpose of islamists. By hating all muslims you’re confirming the islamists world-view where “muslims are under attack and we need to strike back.” You just made it easier for them to recruit a new terrorist.

The Swedish establishment gives power to the professionally offended fundamentalists who shout ”racist” at anything and all. It’s more comfortable for them that way, but in the process they turn their backs on all the muslims who actually want to live in a secular Western society.


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