Tjekkiets præsident Miloš Zeman opfordrer Europa til at få en ‘second amendment’ – EU vil afvæbne befolkningerne


President Zeman added:

“What can we do against international criminality? Invest in the police, invest in the army, and have the courage to invest in our own guns. The Second Amendment to the American constitution says that everybody has the right to have a weapon — of course they must fulfil the necessary conditions and tests. We Europeans are a little more careful than the Americans, but after Barcelona and many assassinations, I think that the difference between Europeans and Americans is not so great.”

Czech citizens are afforded some of the most liberal gun rights in Europe, although ownership rates are not as high as in nearby Switzerland — which, unlike the Czech Republic, remains outside the European Union. Both countries enjoy a lower homicide rate than the United Kingdom, which is experiencing a surge in gun violence despite incredibly heavy restrictions on gun ownership, but the EU is bringing extensive pressure to bear on both of them to restrict citizens’ gun rights.

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