Tommy Robinson trues med ny retssag og fængsel

A message from Tommy Robinson – Help him avoid prison!!!
Click here to watch the video about my latest round of LAWFARE – I need your help!!!
Hi everyone,I hope you are keeping well?

I will be going back to court on the 1st of August to face another round of LAWFARE instigated by a far left group known as Hope Not Hate and the British state (they work hand in hand).

I will potentially go to prison because they are trying to hold me in contempt of court over a civil proceeding (investigating my bankruptcy) that I failed to attend initially. I was let down last minute by a legal representative and my mental health wasn’t the best at the time, I tried to get the court date adjourned because of my failing mental health but to no avail.

The court refused my application to adjourn, and being in a situation where I could not have mentally faced another round of lawfare, I did not attend, as a result there is the possibility the court will hold me in contempt and give me a custodial sentence.

I need your help to fight this, so if you can, and you have the means to, please support me financially (so I can pay some of my legal fees) at Urban Scoop by clicking on the red button below.

I want to thank all of you who have already supported me in the past, and every single one of you who will do so again.

Without your help and your support I could not get through this.
Click here to help me financially, so I can afford legal representation and hopefully avoid prison.

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  1. De radikale og woke feminister m/k
    samt de røde “humanister” har for-
    vandlet England til en galeanstalt,
    til en fascistisk stat hvor retfærdighed
    er en by i Nordkorea.

    Tommy er udsat for en “1984”-agtig politisk forfølgelse.

    Til et land hvor kulturfremmede migranter
    kan mishandle og myrde piger og kvinder,
    uden at politiet og politikerne tager det alvorligt.

    Tommy Robinson

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