Unmasking Obama

This is one of the best political books you will ever read. Jack Cashill is a superb stylist, and he writes in a clear and persuasive manner. “Unmaksing Obama” is actually as much about unmasking President Obama as it is about unmasking the dishonest media. The media systematically covered up Obama administration scandals–and attacked anyone who exposed them. Cashill lays out how much hatred and contempt the Left has for anyone who disagrees with them, and it is frightening.

It is worth quoting at length his summation of the Obama administration at the end of the book:

“Overlooked, however, even by his critics, was the relentless invasiveness and quiet brutality of his regime. . . They sent Nakoula Basseley Nakoula to prison for making a video. They watched in silence as Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was dispatched in shackles to Leavenworth. They had James O’Keefe and David Daleiden arrested for undercover reporting. They cyber harassed reporter Sharyl Attkinson. They used search warrants on reporter James Rosen and several Associated Press reporters. They punished whistelblowers. They helped frame George Zimmerman and Officer Darren Wilson. They used the IRS to crush the Tea Party. They turned a blind eye to the New Black Panther goons. They conspired to clear Hillary Clinton of criminal charges. They discouraged all serious investigation into the death of Seth Rich. And even before the election, they breached Obama’s passport file and probably doctored it.”

Think this is overstated or untrue? Read the book and decide for yourself.

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