WMD er blevet fundet i Irak

The biggest news item of the summer was not the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, nor was it the foiled terrorist attacks on U.S.-bound airliners flying out of London. The biggest story of the summer was a report from the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), which announced the discovery of approximately 500 chemical munitions uncovered in Iraq.

In other words, WMD have been found in Iraq. While you might expect this bombshell (pun intended) to rock the Iraq war debate, nothing of the sort has happened. Quickly deemed insignificant, this report has been ignored by the so-called “anti-war” Left and the laughably “non-partisan” American media.
In order to justify putting this incredibly significant story on the back page, the media needed a reason why these chemical munitions were not really consequential after all. They came up with two such justifications.

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Det har der ikke været meget skriveri i medierne om.

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