100-vis af illegale strømmer til UK hver dag – regeringen gør intet

Hundreds of illegal immigrants are flooding into our country every day across the English Channel, chaperoned into our ports by Border Force patrols while our country is gripped by a coronavirus pandemic.

Up to 85% of these illegal immigrants are economic chancers rather than genuine refugees.

Even genuine refugees should be immediately returned to France under the Dublin convention – which requires them to seek refuge in the first safe country they enter.

Most of those who make it to the UK will never be deported.

Due to the ineffectiveness of the Border Force patrols – and the unwillingness of our government to take the issue of illegal immigration seriously – the taxpayer is footing the bill for tens of thousands of these freeloading individuals who view our country as a soft touch to be exploited for personal gain.

Britain First has launched a national petition to pressure the government to take action against these illegal migrant crossings.

Please spare just twenty seconds to sign this petition and then share it on social media

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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  1. I lukkede arbejdslejre med dem. Til de har tjent til deres udrejse, hvilken pris stiger og stiger, samt til bøden for ulovlig ankomst der gør det samme.
    Skule der være genier blandt de illigale vil deres profitable ideer bruges af det nuværende værtsland, 50% af indkomst fra disse ideer oprindende gå til projekter til formindskelse af illegal indvandring..

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