8 af de terrorsigtede i UK frekventerede den samme moske

A mosque in Walthamstow, east London, is emerging as the hub where a number of the terror suspects may have met each other and become friends, writes Abul Taher.

At least eight suspects worshipped at the Masjid-E-Umer mosque regularly, three of whom were well known to those that run it.

No extremist Muslim groups have infiltrated the mosque but it is believed that local fanatics have distributed leaflets outside during prayer times.

Iqbal Mehtar, a trustee of the mosque, said: “Every mosque has that problem. There is nothing we can do about it.”

The mosque does allow a missionary Islamic group, Tablighi Jamaat, to preach inside. The sect is known for its tendency towards secrecy.

Western security services have in the past accused the global Tablighi movement of being a “conveyor belt” for terrorism.

Hø hø hø – hvor længe bliver englænderne ved at tro på det vrøvl? Velintegrerede, veluddannede unge mennesker – hvor kommer inspirationen fra – dumpende ned fra himlen med ærkeenglen Gabriel?

Timesonline via Infidel Bloggers Alliance

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