Abbas officielle TV misbruger holocaust-foto som om det var palæstinensisk…


Israel har lige mindedes Yom HaShoa , den dag, hvor man ihukommer holocaust

Det har Israels “freds”partner Abbas TV også “gjort”  :


Bemærk at det ikke er Hamas TV, men TV fra det palsætinensisk-arabisk selvstyre !

Men det bør ikke overraske nogen : Abbas srkev jo sin “afhandling” om at Holocaust var en myte …

“The images presented in the video are horrifying, but this is by no means the first time the Palestinians have used Nazi propaganda against Jews and Israel. Palestinian and Arab media in general are saturated with anti-Semitic images, conspiracy theories, and libels. The Palestinians regularly downplay the significance of the Holocaust and sometimes deny it ever happened at all. When they do admit it, they blame it on the Jews themselves.

This anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial comes from the top. Although it is either unknown or denied in the West, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is profoundly fascinated by Nazi propaganda and has employed it in his own writings, particularly in his doctoral dissertation on the subject of the Holocaust, “The Other Face: The Secret Connections Between Nazism and the Leadership of the Zionist Movement,” which he wrote in Moscow in 1982. Two years later, Abbas published a book based on his dissertation. It is written in Arabic and, tellingly, has never been translated into any other language.

There is a reason for this: The book is inspired by and based on the work of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust. While he was a fugitive in Argentina, Eichmann formulated and disseminated Nazi propaganda according to which the Holocaust was a Jewish-Nazi conspiracy that sacrificed Jewish lives in order to create a Jewish state in Palestine. In his book, Abbas adopts this worldview wholesale, and the result is the subject of this article, which is, I believe, the first in-depth examination of the book to appear in English.”

Hvor ynkelige kan de palæstinensiske-arabere  være …

Intet er dem  helligt

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