Alle er lige?

I JP 4/2 skriver Ralf Pittelkow: »For islamisterne er mennesker ikke lige, kvinder er underordnet manden.«

“Islam er et godkendt trossamfund i Danmark, det vil sige, at trossamfundet er anerkendt af den danske stat.Den danske stat har også forpligtet sig til overholde Menneskerettighedskonventionen, ifølge hvilken alle mennesker er lige.

Jeg synes, at staten skylder det danske samfund en forklaring på denne anerkendelse af to så forskellige livsopfattelser: Islams bevidste krænkelse af kvinders rettigheder i modsætning til konventionens anerkendelse af, at alle mennesker er lige.”

Læserbrev i Jyllands-Posten 12. februar 2007

Hvad bilder læserbrevskribenten sig ind? Kritisere islam ud fra Menneskerettighedskonventionen 😀

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  1. Off topic, but I thought you may be interested in this event in Denmark. A thousand pardons, I don’t speak danish.

    I would like to first tell my British friends that I mean no disrespect towards the British eople by using the metaphor of the American Revolution.

    Also, let me say that I personally consider the Revolutionary War a tragedy; a civil war between the monarcharist faction and the republican faction that had friends and foes on both side of the Pond that could have been settled by the compromise proposed in the Albany Plan of 1754 that would have allowed American delegates in Parliament and the King the right to appoint the “President-General” of America.

    I would note that even in Parliament during the Revolutionary Period, the American republican cause had much support, especially in the Whig Party, and that the famous Edmund Burke spoke in favor of the revolutionists.

    And let us not forget that a few Britons, such as Thomas Paine, sailed to America to join the rebel cause against the Establishment, and the British army and navy, the best on the planet at that time, only fought a half-hearted struggle against their fellow countrymen…..that George Washington never defeated the main British army in North America, but tht army withdrew with honor in 1783 from New York City when the King ordered it done.


    My point is that in both Britain and America today we have fallen into two hositle camps and compromise have broken down.

    On the one side we have the Establishment faction that seeks to impose tyranny by means of apeasement with Islamic barbarians who are allowed free run in our countries because of the multiculturist-international viewpoint that all cultures are equal, even the most barbaric.

    On the opposing line we have the Rebel Faction that has been largely put out of the debate and ignored. This faction has tried for years and years to redress from the ruling elite. They have been ignored and the Establishment is at this very moment attempting to destroy the last bastion of defense in the English speaking world — Freedom of Speech.

    Therefore, men and women of good will have no other choice than than to pick up the gauntlet of civil war and resist violence with violence.

    May we all once again at Lexington Green and say to tyranny’s command to surrender in the words of a former British soldier, Captain Parker of the King’s North American militia: “Stand your ground men; don’t fire unless fire upon, but if they mean to have a war; let it begin here.”

    Cheers, Cousin Ronbo


  2. Nu skal du ikke være dum. Menneskerettighederne kun erskrevet af mennesker. Koranen er skrevet af Gud. Hvad tror du har højeste autoritet: Mennesker eller Gud?


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