Amy Dryden: Bannet fra Facebook for at offentliggøre CNN’s metoder til at undersøge Kavanaugh sagen

Facebook is currently doing everything in their power to protect CNN after they censored evidence that one of their producers, Scott Bronstein has been randomly calling people who used to attend school with Judge Brett Kavanaugh in an attempt to dig up dirt on the Supreme Court nominee that might be used to prevent his confirmation to the Supreme Court from taking place. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform took things a step further when they not only censored the evidence, but they deleted all media articles related to the evidence that was presented by Amy Dryden and banned Amy Dryden herself from the social media platform.

In response to being banned by Facebook for the audio that she shared Amy Dryden tweeted “This is what happens when you post an actual recording of a CNN producer’s dirty journalism on Facebook. #banned So wrong!” Dryden felt the information that was contained in the video showing Bronstein calling random people from the Yale class of 1987 who may have known Judge Brett Kavanaugh was important enough for the rest of America to see. She apparently was right with this belief given the fact that liberal controlled Facebook has done everything possible to keep people from learning about the video and what took place.

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