Berlinske skoler hyrer sikkerhedsvagter

The ethnically mixed Neukoelln district will pay the guards to rush to trouble spots in the district’s 76 schools.

The district mayor, said,

“Right now we can’t assure parents that their children are safe.”

A year ago, teachers admitted they were powerless to check fighting at one school where young Arabs were the main ethnic group, and police began checking pupils at the school gate for knives and other weapons.

This month a teacher was beaten up at another school by a former pupil.

Mere på Expatica /Limewoody

Skolerne kan ikke garantere elevernes sikkerhed mod udefra kommende arabere! Lærerne bliver banket. Hvor er politiet? Så vidt jeg ved, har man også store problemer ved danske handelsgymnasier bl.a. med udefra kommende personer.

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