Breaking: Trump fjerner asylmulighed for migranter der rejser igennem et sikkert land

Trump Just ENDED Asylum For Central Americans.

In a major escalation of of the border situation Donald Trump’s administration has moved forward with a new rule that will make those who come through a “third country” to claim asylum ineligible.

Many people have questioned why asylum seekers would skip over several different countries, especially Mexico which has offered asylum in the past, to come to the US.

The answer seems obvious in that the US is a prosperous and very safe nation. Many of these people risk their lives to make it to the US only to get turned back due to dubious asylum claims.

While Trump has been working to disincentivize illegal immigration and secure the border, Democrats have obstructed, mocked, and refused to provide funding to deal with the crisis. Even to this day the far left democrats known as “the squad” refuse to vote in line with Democrats on border bills.

Faux social justice outrage is leading the obstruction from the Democrats and resulting in an ever increasing crisis.

But will Trump’s move pass legal challenges?

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