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Dear Jon,

It has long been our ambition as a party to build an alternative to the fake news mainstream media.

The mainstream media (MSM) is totally controlled by a small group of people who all share the same left-wing views.

All journalists, editors and presenters are left-wing, no exceptions.

They use their control of the MSM to spread their left-wing beliefs and do everything within their power to lie, distort and twist the news they report on.

There are no patriots in the British media, none.

Any journalist, editor or presenter with patriotic views is mercilessly hounded out of the profession.

The MSM is totally dominated by left-wing anti-British forces and they do not tolerate any views or opinions that are not left-wing.

This means that what you see on TV, hear on the radio or read in a newspaper, is not ‘news’, but a carefully filtered ‘version’ of the news.

When it comes to TV, radio and newspapers, you are bombarded with propaganda.

The left-wing journalists, editors and presenters choose how to present the news.

The left-wing media uses a whole arsenal of dirty tricks to silence dissenting viewpoints and opinions.

They are masters of brainwashing and falsifying narratives to suit their left-wing agenda.

The bias and favouritism of the mainstream media towards the political Left is overwhelming and obvious.

The MSM will also relentlessly promote left-wing policies and fetishes, including multiculturalism, LGBT crusades and anything anti-white, anti-British and anti-Christian.

The mainstream media is not impartial, fair or honest.

They are propagandists for their liberal/socialist cause, every bit as corrupt and biased as the propaganda ministry in Nazi Germany and the Soviet propaganda machine in Communist Russia.

So how can we combat their evil influence over society?

We have to build our own, alternative media outlet!

That is exactly why Britain First has chosen to launch our own party newspaper, so that there is at least one patriotic source of news available for our people.

The first issue is going to the printers tomorrow and is looking absolutely superb.

The first issue will then be published on 1st February.

If you value true, unfiltered news, then now is the time to subscribe to our party newspaper.

We look forward to the day when we are getting millions of these printed every month!

We can envisage this newspaper having a huge readership before long, combatting the fake news of the mainstream mass media.

The Britain First newspaper is available for subscription for only £25 per year.

This will provide you with 12 monthly issues straight to your door.

Don’t waste any time, subscribe asap and you will receive the first issue within a few days!

Use the form below to subscribe without delay:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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